Community Health Disparity Coalition – Addressing Prostate Cancer Health

Healthcare Awareness

Black Americans experience significant disparities and inequalities in health status and access to health coverage and care.

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated many social determinants of health and the concomitant disparately negative impacts on health and healthcare service delivery and access for Black and Brown populations.

BBF is committed to providing education and outreach to include additional health education awareness topics that disproportionately impact youth and communities of color.

BBF will provide the following health education and community awareness and resource development services:

Focused Health Education Sessions – A series of 60-90 minute focused health education, awareness, and disease prevention instructional sessions will be facilitated, including the following: 1) HIV/AIDS/STI, 2) Pre Conception Health Education, 3) Hypertension, Kidney, Diabetes and Heart Disease, 4) Cancer Awareness, 5) Substance Abuse, 6) Mental Health Education, 7) Obesity, 8) Nutrition Health Education, and 9) Stress Education and Risk Reduction.

Community Health Fairs – Strategically located community health fairs that will provide information, service delivery, and resource referrals.

Community Mobilization and Awareness – Facilitate, and support the distribution of life-saving information and resources targeting vulnerable, hard-to-reach racial/ethnic minority populations.

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