The BRIDGE BUILDERS FOUNDATION “THRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE” program seeks to empower youth with values, attitudes, and strategies necessary to thrive in school, at home, in the community, and in the workplace by exposing them to (1) Success Roles, (2) Role Models, and (3) Mentors. The BBF Mentoring program is exceptional because it has a robust pool of African American men, of varied ages, and from varied career and life disciplines, committed to bring about change. Men who can serve as exemplary “role models,” but have a commitment that expands beyond simply engaging youth of color in the school and community setting, and extends to serving as “mentors.”

The program provides Critical Mentoring using both “Group” and “Team” mentoring formats, while emphasizing a “Strength-Based” approach. Critical mentoring is a term coined by the My Brothers Keepers Alliance (MBK). Mentoring is provided weekly, at both the middle and senior high school levels, within Los Angeles Unified School District (King-Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science), and Lynwood Unified School District (Lynwood Middle School).