Thriving Under The Influence Program

Mentorship, Coaching, Leadership and Literacy

This program is provided free of charge through strong corporate and foundation support, committed volunteers, and generous donations from many individuals.

The Thriving Under The Influence program is offered to boys and girls ages 8 – 14.

Program Overview

The Bridge Builders Foundation’s “Thriving Under The Influence” program seeks to empower youth with values, attitudes, and strategies required to thrive in school, at home and in the community. The program focuses on strengthening self awareness, expanding understandings of environmental influences, and developing skills to work constructively and collectively with others.

The “Thriving Under the Influence” program supplements existing classroom, home, and community activities by exposing youth to role models and mentors. Students are engaged, on a weekly basis, outside of the classroom at targeted school and community sites for 90-120 minutes.

Students also participate in bi-monthly, “incentive-based” community enrichment field trips to educational and recreational venues totaling over 100 hours of engagement each school year. These field trips are incentivized by measuring attendance, citizenship, and homework completion.


• Increased positive behavior and attitude

• Decreased absences and disruptive behavior

• Higher homework completion rates

• Increased knowledge of ethnic history and culture

• Greater awareness of the value of education, skilled trades, and the linkage to careers

• Better understanding of healthy living

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Our goal is to maximize college graduation rates for African American males, which is a problem. To date over $887,000 in scholarships has been awarded. With your support we’re able to annually give 100 students the financial resources to attend college, and provide individual mentorship, coaching, tutoring, and referral support to aid in their academic and professional success.

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