Our goals focus on uplifting the underserved youth throughout the Los Angeles Area to seek and achieve higher life aspirations. Our intention is to stem the tide of academic underachievement and career underrepresentation, which characterize minorities in our society through core programs that focus on youth mentoring and tutoring, scholarship support, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).  We offer an effective combination of volunteers and corporate partnerships, which has allowed us to build, sustain, and grow a staple of excellent programs that continue to change the lives of young students as well as address many socio-economic disparities facing minorities in our community.


Special thanks to some of our sponsors


Inaugural Black-Tie Symphony Gala - February 22, 2020

Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles and Viscount Foundation is partnering with the Bridge Builders Foundation to offer an annual Black Tie Gala that features both a standard orchestral repertoire and contemporary music that resounds within the community we serve. ICYOLA and Bridge Builders Foundation are leaders in their effort to assure diversity in arts, science, technology, engineering and math.