Thriving Under The Influence

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Mentoring, Coaching, and Education Support

Mentoring is crucial for the success of African American youth. It gives them the support, guidance, and resources they need to overcome challenges, develop positive relationships with caring adults, and acquire essential life skills. Mentoring programs can also help address the opportunity gap by providing access to resources, information, and networks. By connecting youth with internships and job opportunities and guiding college and career readiness, mentors can help African American youth achieve their full potential and succeed in all areas of life.


  • Lessons are hands-on, inquiry-based, and augmented with a field trip providing students with real-world applications. Subject matter includes Aerospace Science, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Human Anatomy, Computer Science, Energy Technology, Transportation, Engineering, and Marine Biology.


  • Classroom instruction is led by Marine Science faculty from USC and UCSD/Scripps Institute field trips provide an opportunity to travel aboard a ship and learn about marine exploration. Students perform field exploration activities and learn concepts in math and science.

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The Program(s) Impact

  • Students will show an increase in positive behavior and attitudes (as measured by report cards (Citizenship) and pre-post surveys (student, parent, and teacher).
  • Students will show a decrease in school absences (report cards).
  • Students will demonstrate a decrease in disruptive behavior (report cards).
  • Students will show an increase in homework completion rates (report cards).
  • Students will have increased knowledge of ethnic history and culture and its relevance in society. (pre-post)
  • Students will have an increased awareness of the value of education and skilled trades, and their linkage to careers and career tracts.
  • Students will have an increased awareness of health and healthy living practices.
  • Students will strengthen their skills in the areas of teamwork, tolerance, and cohesive community engagement.

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